Abo Agreement

The ABO agreement will not change our view that BII plays a decisive role and is an integral part of the Beijing city government. BiI, which is 100% owned by the government, operates Beijing`s largest metro system and plans to expand its rail network of more than 554 km by 2015 to 900 kilometers (km) by 2020. The company is also an important participant in the implementation of the national integration policy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei through the networking of rail transport. But Elizabeth refused the deal. Russian troops conquered Helsingfors and the island (now Turku, then the capital of Finland) and occupied much of Finland. Hostilities ended in 1742; Russia, which took advantage of the succession crisis in Sweden, has proposed to return most of Finland if Sweden accepts the Russian-backed candidate – Adolf Friedrich von Holstein-Gottorp-Eoutine – as heir. The ABO agreement partly reflects the impact of the national policy (Circular 43) which requires a freeze on the public debt of communal financing vehicles (LGVs). LGVs mainly finance the construction of urban infrastructure and social housing on behalf of their respective local or regional governments, and are generally heavily financed by borrowing. Local authorities will now finance investments in infrastructure and other social services from their own budgets, including by issuing local government bonds. a) Seller – ventile abo s.r.o., id. 49609050, established in Dalimilova 285/54, Chomoutov, 783 35 Olomouc, Czech Republic, registered in the landgericht Ostrava trade register under file no.

C 10719, from its subsidiaries, branches and divisions. b) Products – refers to all equipment, parts, materials and works indicated in the seller`s offer. c) the buyer – refers to the party who enters into a contract with the seller on the products. (d) the conditions – the specific conditions and conditions that are related to them and which are agreed upon by both parties. (e) contract – refers to the written agreement between the seller and the buyer for the supply of products taking into account the price (hereafter referred to as “contract price”). In the absence of a written agreement, the contract involves the confirmation of the order in accordance with Article II B. including all documents to which the confirmation of the order relates. (f) When reference to abbreviations described in INCOTERMS, the parties agree to interpret them in accordance with Incoterms 2010. Governments adopting a similar abominant agreement should have sound tax revenues to support purchases of public services provided by LGFVs in the area where the public private participation model is not favoured or used frequently.

Global Ratings believes that a recent agreement between the Beijing City government and Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co. Ltd. (BII) could become the model that many Chinese governments could follow with strong motivation to reduce debt. For bii, the agreement is expected to have a neutral effect on the company`s credit ratings (A/Stable/-;cnAAA/–).